Entry Requirements
A passport (which has a validity of at least 6 months and minimum one blank page) and a visa are required for entry into Kenya. After a recent policy change, visa on arrival services will no longer be available after 1 January 2021 and most, if not all visas, will be obtained exclusively online. Visit the official government website HERE to apply, pay and get the pre-approved eVisa in pdf to print and present on arrival in Nairobi. The validity of the visa is 90 consecutive days and applicants have 3 months to use the visa from the date of issue.

We also advise making extra copies of the visa, passport and yellow fever vaccination card to keep in your luggage.

Travel insurance
It is essential that you have adequate travel insurance covering personal effects, personal accident, medical & emergency travel expenses, cancellation and curtailment. It is up to you to ensure you purchase
adequate insurance sufficient to cover your needs.

Health, Immunization and medical considerations
We recommend further reading on the World Health Organization or Passport Health website for travel-related medical information and requirements.
We suggest you consult your doctor or local health department for information on malaria prophylactics and the latest health precautions.
You DO NOT NEED the Yellow Fever vaccination and certificate if you enter Kenya from the UK, Europe or North America. It is recommended by health authorities but is not compulsory, but it is a requirement if you
wish to extend your travel to neighbouring Tanzania. Hepatitis and Tetanus are worth having any time you travel abroad.
Typhoid is not essential but often taken with Hepatitis A.
Traveller’s diarrhoea, as a precaution use tablets or liquid medication.

We provide bottled drinking water at all times in the vehicles and the camps/hotels also have some water in your room – Do NOT drink tap water.

The three East African countries use the shilling, but each country have their own and with a different value. Check the current exchange rates HERE or on your favourite website.
Exchange bureaus are available at the Airport after the customs clearance. Alternatively, you can change your money at local banks or bureau in most major towns across the region. Don’t forget to inform your
credit card carrier of your visit. ATMs are available in shopping malls and all towns.

Tipping and gratuities:
However if you feel you have received attention from someone that in your opinion was above and beyond what you expected then, if you wish to personally offer that person additional funds this act of generosity is
entirely up to you.